Theodore found himself a home on Saturday.

The 4-month-old black-and-white kitten came out of his cage to be cuddled and petted by the Guerrero family at Pet Supplies Plus, where Spark of Life Kitten Foster and Rescue of Killeen held an adoption event.

It was instant love and, as soon as a few papers were signed, he was on his way to his new digs.

Bootstrap, another black-and-white kitten, also was greatly admired by those stopping by the tables where Spark of Life had set up tables. Without a closer look, it would’ve been difficult to tell he was missing his rear right paw.

“When he was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his leg,” said Victoria Watkins, who fosters many of the kittens and performs administrative functions for Spark of Life. “He’s never known what it’s like to have four paws.”

In the same cage, Captain Jane had the same issue.

“We take in a lot of special-needs cats,” said volunteer Cynara Ciraulo.

The amazing thing, Ciraulo added, is how taking care of the cats’ needs helps her as much as them.

Ciraulo suffers from anxiety and having the foster cats climb up and fall asleep or let her pet them relieves her symptoms.

It is worthwhile to see how the cats, who are rescues or owner surrenders, come around and warm up to humans. “They become a normal cat,” Ciraulo said.

The cats up for adoption Saturday were as mellow as can be, which attracted many potential families.

The Sanchez family has other cats and two rabbits, but specifically were looking for a special-needs cat to adopt.

As he cuddled Bootstrap, David Sanchez explained that cats with special needs aren’t “broken, they just need extra care.”

Spark of Life started last summer, eventually partnering with Killeen Pets Alive to handle the requirements of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, according to founder Deborah Sweat.

Sweat attributes the socialization and transformation of the rescued kittens to the loving care of the foster homes and volunteers working with the organization.

“We believe every living thing just wants a bit of love,” Watkins said.

More information about the organization can be found on Facebook by searching for Spark of Life Kitten Foster & Rescue.

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