Copperettes and guests strutted their moves to crowds of friends, family and local fans during two 39th Annual Spring Show performances last week.

The award-winning Copperette Dance Team showcased their skills alongside performers from the high school dance classes, Lil’ Rettes, Starlette Junior High Dance Team, Williams/Ledger Pre-K Dance Team and GymKix.

The Copperette Dance Team consists of about 25 girls, from high school freshmen to seniors, on two squads — junior varsity and varsity.

This year’s Spring Show was especially significant for team captain, Lindsey Spurlock, 17, who was performing with the group for the last time.

“It’s really emotional for me,” Spurlock said. “I’m sad that I have to leave my second family … this is my chance to connect with them for the last time.”

Her passion for dance and deep commitment to the team was echoed by lieutenant Prais’jah Woodkins, 18.

“Dance is truly my passion and being a Copperette is the best way to portray that,” Woodkins said.

Many parent volunteers were just as enthusiastic about the performance and the Copperettes.

“It’s a great program that teaches organization, time management and discipline,” said Michelle Wright, mother of the team captain.

“I would encourage any parents with young girls to get them involved in this program,” said Deanna Witter, a mother of two former Copperettes.

Minutes before the show, the Copperette’s were backstage stretching and mentally preparing for another successful performance.

“Even though this is my third time at the Spring Show, it’s still fun and exciting,” said Paige French, 17-year-old varsity co-captain.

“I’m very nervous about it,” said Dyamon Norris, 15 and JV team newcomer.

Tickets sold for the 2013 show “Just Dance” raised money for the high school dance group.

“The money we raise will go towards various expenses for the team,” said Copperette dance/drill team director Jessica Harris. “We use it to pay for things like new uniforms, costumes and travel expenses.”

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