Laughs, smiles and cheers filled the activity room at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, at 1602 S. Farm-to-Market 116, on Saturday for the second annual Fun Day to end the summer on a high note before school started.

“It’s one last hurrah for the kids,” said Marla Spry, children’s ministry director. “We wanted to do something fun for them with puppets and games today.”

More than a dozen kids showed up eager to play board games, bowl, throw bean bags and toss a football, but the most popular activity was spin art.

Angel Crittenden, a church volunteer, had just as much fun as the kids, maybe more, helping them create their colorful masterpieces.

“I wanted to do spin art since it’s my favorite activity too,” Crittenden said.

Two-year old Maelynn Moore, who starts prekindergarten3, bowled a strike on her first try before running off to do spin art.

“We came last year and enjoyed it, because it’s good entertainment for her,” said Shawna Moore, Maelynn’s mother.

The Kids on the Block-Central Texas Puppet group performed a series of skits on bullying — teaching the kids how to deal with a bully — and plays on safety rules, like who to call in an emergency.

Margaret Barrett, one of three puppeteers, said the group performs a variety of free educational programs for children throughout the area, including coping with crisis situations like deployment and divorce.

“It’s great to make kids happy and we hope they learn something today while enjoying themselves,” Barrett said.

Brittany Hernandez agreed children need to learn about safety issues at any age as she watched sons Leon, 5, and Evan, 4, test their aim at the football toss.

“I liked the shows and the boys will pick up on the concepts and share it,” Hernandez said.

After the puppet shows, everyone had a chance to make their own small pizza for lunch before returning to play more games.

The Rev. Paulette Magnuson, vicar at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, said Fun Day is a wonderful way to bring the parents, teachers and administrators together with the children.

“This is a joyous time for us to recognize the children as they begin a new journey in the school year,” she said.

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