Shelby Blain

Shelby Blain applied for a transfer to Crossroads High School during fall  2016 after falling behind in her credits and deciding Crossroads High would be a better fit for her. The 18-year-old has since recovered her credits and will graduate in May.

“I really like the smaller setting of Crossroads High,” Blain said. "Copperas Cove High School was too crowded. I did not like having to push my way through a crowd of students just to get to class.”

Math teacher Noo Noo Garner nominated Blain for Crossroads High School Student of the Month because of her change in work ethic year over year. Blain takes advantage of the school’s acceleration opportunities by using school programs to complete additional assignments on evenings and weekends.

“This is a great change from a year ago when Ms. Blain had to receive a great deal of encouragement to get assignments completed during the day,” Garner said. “She has become a self-starter and is taking the initiative to be in charge of herself and her own goals.”

After graduation, Blain plans to visit family overseas for a few months and experience some other cultures. She will go with her twin sister, who will also be eligible to graduate. Blain plans to pursue a medical career with a strong interest in the nursing field.

“Shelby is a diligent worker and is always focused on getting ahead. Every day at lunch, when other students are eating and relaxing with friends, you can find Shelby at a quiet table with her laptop open, focused on completing course work with a nibble here and there of her lunch,” said Crossroads High School Principal J. T. Irick.

Blain is an inspiration and role model to new Crossroads students like Heather Miller.

“She is quiet, a little shy, but hardworking and pleasant to be around,” Miller said.

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