Jessie Moore loves school She arrives at school ready and willing to learn. She greets all those around her with smile on her face and a positive attitude. When there is a student that needs help, Jessie is quick to lend a helping hand whether its finding a lost item or helping a student pick up something he has dropped.

Moore attends Hettie Halstead Elementary and is in the fourth grade. She’s been nominated for the Central Texas Incredible Kid Award bestowed by the Central Texas Youth Coalition. Winners selected for the honor will be recognized at a luncheon at the Bell County Expo Center on April 17.

Teacher Karen Patterson nominated Moore for the award. She said Moore leads by example.

“Jessie defended a student that was being bullied and reminded the other student how important it is to spread kindness with a smile or gesture,” Patterson said.

“Jessie is the first student to welcome new students to her classroom and help them learn the routine, where to go to lunch and special class periods.”

Moore asked Patterson if Moore could be the classroom buddy for new students when they arrive at Halstead Elementary. Moore demonstrates these acts of kindness without prompting from the teacher.

In the classroom, Moore is quick to partner with a student that requires assistance with his assignments.

“If Jessie can help them with their work, she will do so and it is always done with kindness.” Patterson said. “Other students in the classroom seek Jessie out for help with many things such as logging onto the computer to locating the necessary equipment to complete a task.”

Moore especially enjoys reading to the younger students in the lower grades and helping them with learning their letters and numbers.

“It is a pleasure to have Jessie in our classroom,” Patterson said. “She has grown from a shy withdrawn student to a confident and capable student. She is always willing to go the extra mile in anything that she attempts. Jessie is able to meet every challenge head on despite her own personal challenges. She is quick to help others and responds well when she needs assistance.”

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