Shelbie Letzer

Give her a choice of science or history, and Shelbie Letzer will choose science every time.

“I prefer science because I like learning how things work. They are always changing,” she said. “History always stays the same.”

The Copperas Cove High School student maintains a 3.96 GPA and is ranked 51st in the senior class. She will attend the University of the Incarnate Word, rated among the Southwest’s top liberal arts schools, in San Antonio on a full soccer and academic scholarship.

Pat Rox, technology teacher, said Shelbie does well in everything she undertakes.

“She is a very good student and we’ve never had a negative situation with her. She is always on the ball and thoroughly committed to whatever she does,” Rox said. “Sometimes, I am afraid she will burn out, but she remains dedicated and devotes her time equally to all of her activities to excel.”

Shelbie plans to major in special education and become a secondary school teacher.

“I want to work with people that I can help and ensure their success. My sister is in special education,” she said. “So I’ve always taken a liking to help these kids (with special needs) in the hallways or classes.”

Shelbie is a member of the National Honor Society and has played soccer for 15 years. She plays the position of center mid-field. She practices in Austin two nights a week doing her homework in the car and sleeping on the ride back home.

“I have to get the sleep in there somewhere,” she said.

Shelbie volunteers and planted flowers at a law office. She also attends Grace United Methodist Church.

“I am clear that everything is not always about me. I usually care more about others and that gets me in trouble sometimes,” Shelbie said. “I am always putting others before me and sometimes I need to think of myself.”

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