Gwendolyn Gray

Gwendolyn Gray is usually the first one to arrive and the last to leave the Crossroads High School campus. Her work continues long after she goes home.

Principal J. T. Irick said Gray spends her time working outside of normal work hours to dissect and understand the curriculum being taught in her content areas to ensure she can provide the best support for our students.

“When she goes home, she still grades student work and gives her student timely feedback to make them better writers. Mrs. Gray also understands the type of writing needed for STAAR as well as for TSI and set that expectation for her students,” Irick said.

“She continuously is doing research on effective strategies to get her students to write. She provides a unique blend of methods to deliver the content to her students but understands that no program is better than the teacher who has perfected the craft. She has begun to change the entire culture of how our students approach learning through the curriculum.”

Irick said Gray maintains a positive relationship with all of her students at the alternative school of choice.

“Some students are reluctant to accept the design and structure of her classroom, but she maintains consistency in her desire to make them better writers and reach success on the STAAR,” Irick said. “Every student she has touched has seen improvement in their writing and every student who embraces the design of her English class has seen success on the STAAR as well as in their coursework.”

Gray works to inspire learning through continuous positive reinforcement.

“Mrs. Gray will find even the smallest accomplishments of the students and celebrate those with them. She continues to build self-confidence in her students and will not let a student get down on themselves or others,” Irick said.

“She also has built a culture where her students know she is approachable. ... With Mrs. Gray, students feel safe and want to learn and become better writers and readers.”

Gray was named the 2018 Crossroads High School Teacher of the Year and has taught in CCISD for more than a decade.

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