Teresa Gorres

When you enter teacher Teresa Gorres’ classroom at Martin Walker Elementary School, you will find her engaged with her students.

If you look or listen closely, you will notice she is doing many things at the same time. With proximity, she is discouraging misbehavior. With eye contact, she is confirming student performance. She is verbally facilitating the targeted learning, and in her hand, she will be taking notes or creating an anecdotal record.

Principal Earl Parcell said Gorres’ energy and attentiveness keep her kindergartners moving, on task and excited about learning.

“The classroom environment is friendly, busy, and reflects a supportive structure for learning. Mrs. Gorres pays attention to her students and always validates them regardless of their behaviors or achievement.” Parcell said.

“She has forged a trifecta — student, parents, and teacher — of support that yields great educational dividends because of the tremendous relationship she has leveraged with her students’ parents.”

Not only is Gorres a role model for her students, she is also a teacher-leader with her actions.

Gorres volunteers to assist with campus projects, helps her peers with anything needed, and can be counted on to lend a helping hand without hesitation.

“Her dedication and commitment to the students at our campus are a cut above most teachers,” Parcell said. “She not only develops her (teaching skills) on a daily basis, she has also taken the initiative to facilitate and steer several efforts on campus including Junior Historians, tutoring, Relay for Life, and after school clubs that benefit students, the campus and school-related organizations.”

In her first year as a teacher, Gorres successfully established the second elementary chapter of Junior Historians in Texas. This extracurricular activity involves 12 fourth- and fifth-grade students doing history research in both the classroom and in the community.

Students partake in four research projects which will culminate in a judged display at the state level.

Breanne Turner, instructional coach, said Gorres is positive and loving toward her students, always treating them with respect.

Gorres was named the 2018 Martin Walker Elementary Rookie Teacher of the Year.

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