Jeffery Shores

It is said that superheroes like Superman and Spiderman are great role models, but it seems they haven’t met the teachers in Cove.

Teacher Jeffery Shores goes above and beyond to encourage and promote citizenship in his classroom. He instills qualities of respect and trust in his students and is what fellow staff members say is the perfect example of a positive role model.

Teacher Adrianne Waters nominated Shores as a candidate from Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary School for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8577 Teacher of the Year award because of his service in the U.S. Navy and the respectable qualities he exemplifies as a teacher and employee.

“I have heard Jeff share some of his stories about being a good (sailor) in the Navy with his students,” Waters said. “These examples help the kids to see first hand what a good role model is. He models patience, acceptance and praises kids for their accomplishments, no matter how trivial.”

Fellow staff members praise Shores for the positivity and optimism he brings with him to work every day. They said he looks for the good in all situations and takes the time to praise his students for their hard work.

“I enjoy hearing him talk about the success he is seeing in his students, and am proud to have the honor of being a colleague and working at the same school with him,” Waters said. “He helps keep us all positive and looking for the good things that are happening on our campus.”

Shores encourages his students to make the most of their time at school while learning and interacting with others. Through his teaching, he promotes the necessity of hard work and working together while engaging students in interactive activities and lessons that make learning enjoyable.

“He knows how to allow the kids to have fun at school while still following the rules and learning,” Waters said.

Shores has been a dedicated employee and sponsor of the Fairview/Miss Jewel Science Club and has been with the Copperas Cove school district for five years. He is the recipient of several Copperas Cove Education Foundation grants for innovative teaching ideas and programs he implemented at Fairview/Miss Jewell, including a popular sport rocketry club.

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