Melanie Krempin

Each person has his gift — something that comes naturally and at which a person excels without much concerted effort.

For S. C. Lee Junior High School math teacher Melanie Krempin, her gift is her ability to connect with each of her students, said school counselor Melissa Dewald.

“As the counselor here at S.C. Lee, I have the opportunity to interact and work closely with Ms. Krempin. When I ask her a question about a student she has in math class, she provides me with detailed input on their strengths and weaknesses. She offers strategies and suggestions that will help the student and maintains positive communication with the parents.”

Krempin offers tutorials in the morning and after school and will stay as late as she needs to in order to make sure the student understands the math concepts being studied in class.

She spends many evenings and weekends at school planning engaging and impactful lessons. Parents know that when they send their children to school, they are not only learning math, but are being taken care of socially and emotionally, Dewald said.

Dewald nominated Krempin as S. C. Lee’s VFW Teacher of the Year for “consistently modeling impeccable citizenship and always putting her students first.”

“All children are better for having walked through Ms. Krempin’s door,” she said. “Ms. Krempin is reliable, responsible, and a joy to be around.”

In addition to her rapport with parents and students, Krempin takes great pride in setting up and decorating her classroom. Each year, she chooses a new theme and “goes all out” in the decor.

This year, the theme is 1980s arcade games. Her classroom website mirrors her classroom walls and is designed with arcade logos and lingo from the 1980s.

“Ms. Krempin has touched the lives of many children, and I expect her to continue doing so each and every school year,” Dewald said. “I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Krempin for five years. During this time, I have witnessed a dedicated teacher who loves her students and is committed to helping them love math.”

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