He was the valedictorian of the 2012 class of Explorer Club graduates and every day comes closer to reaching his goal of serving as his father did.

Copperas Cove teenager Cody Brown stands tall and alert and has his finger on the pulse of everything around him. It’s all part of the training he received in the Copperas Cove Police Department’s Explorer Club.

“I’ve always had an interest in law enforcement. My dad was a police officer, and I would like to be a game warden,” Brown said.

He credits the Explorer Club with his current success, stating the training he received is invaluable. Brown spends an average of 40 hours a month volunteering with the Explorer Club and will volunteer as many as 18 hours a day during special events with the city.

“With lots of seniors off to college this fall, Cody has stepped up to lead the squad. He currently serves as a mentor for the 10 applicants accepted into this year’s program,” said Officer William Hughes, CCPD Explorer Club coordinator.

The program vetted more than 100 applications this year, accepting less than 10 percent.

Every month, cadets spend a minimum of one day in training with the police department learning procedures with traffic control, first responder duties, SWAT, hostage negotiations and criminal and penal codes.

“Cody’s grades, performance, and overall leadership in the program were impeccable. In the academy, he outshined everyone,” Hughes said.

Brown had the highest score on the professional exam at the end of the 2012 program where he was named the top graduate. He participated as a member of the Explorer Club in all areas of law enforcement including municipal court, teen court and the district attorney’s office.

The Copperas Cove High School senior has a 4.2 GPA. He also competes on a Division 1 soccer club team where he played in multiple college showcases. Brown applied to the Marine Corps and is currently in the delayed entry program through the Harker Heights recruiting office. He would like to servee in the Marine Corps for several years and later retire as a game warden.

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