Jason Aguilar
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California native Jason Aguilar, 13, enjoys studying history and math and volunteering in his community.

An eighth-grader at Copperas Cove Junior High School, Jason is actively involved in both the Junior Historians of Texas program and the school band. He plays the clarinet.

Jason became a member of Junior Historians last year after a friend suggested he join. The rest is history.

“I got involved with Junior Historians, because I already liked history and Texas history was really interesting to me,” Jason said. “We get to do a lot of things that involve history and I really like it.”

Jason first became involved in band when his parents were stationed in Korea.

“I joined because it was a new school and it was the most interesting thing to do,” he said. “At that time, there weren’t very many electives.”

He has since won several band awards, including Student of the Month, Most Improved Section and Most Outstanding Woodwind Player.

The “A-B” student’s favorite subjects in school are history and math.

“I excel at both, but I like history, because it has a lot of interesting facts, and math is just fun to do,” he said.

His academic achievements include the principal’s award, highest class average award and award of merit.

Jason said he hasn’t thought much about college, but he will likely study engineering or architecture at a school in his home state of California.

Parents Melissa and Jason Aguilar are more than pleased with their son’s efforts, he said.

“I know they’re both very proud of me,” Jason said. “I know they’re happy about how I’m doing academically and how I’m doing in life right now.”

The outgoing teen describes himself as being “quite popular” among students and teachers.

“I have a large majority of friends at school,” he said. “I’ve heard many of my teachers say I’m a joy to teach.”

Although Jason has enjoyed the military experience, being away from family and friends has at times been difficult.

“It’s pretty hard,” he said. “We were in California for about 10 years. Then we left and went to Korea for about two years. The hardest part is leaving friends.”

A valuable lesson Jason learned is good behavior goes a long way. “Don’t do stupid stuff in school, because it’ll stay on your record and when you try to get a job anywhere, they’ll look at your record and say, ‘Oh, he got into 20 fights when he was a kid.’”

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