When the cameras roll, Rueben Brown will make sure every detail is accurate. For him, getting it right is the most important thing in the documentary films he plans to make.

The Copperas Cove High School ninth-grader has already honed his skills as a Junior Historian, an organization he joined in sixth grade. His documentary on the Battle of Midway — “Turning Points in History” — garnered third place at the National History Project regional contest, just barely edged out of the state competition. Rueben entered two other documentaries in special categories and captured a second place with one of the entries.

“I like to learn about what happened before I was born,” the 14-year-old said. “It allows me to reflect on their mistakes made in the past.”

Rueben’s documentary for the regional competition this year was on the Indian Rights Movement from 1969-1973. He said the National History Project gives him something to do. While Saturdays are not supposed to be for school work, that’s when he works on his documentaries.

Outside of his interests in history, Rueben plans to become a mechanical engineer and attend college at Oklahoma Christian University or Abilene Christian University. He is active at Western Hills Church of Christ.

Rueben enjoys classical music because “it’s not too much in your face” and played the French horn in the junior high band for three years.

“I picked the French horn out. My cousin played the French horn, and I always wanted to do it,” he said. “In music you have to do a lot of counting. You have to have some type of numerical ability to keep rhythm.”

Rueben’s music matches well with his love of math. He is a Gifted and Talented student in algebra.

“Math ties into how I want to be an engineer. It’s one of the subjects that I can get involved with and get through it,” Ruben said. “Some subjects can be boring and drag on.”

Rueben is an honor roll student, but he said he tries his best regardless of the outcome of his grades.

“I made a B by only one point during the first semester,” he said. “I do make mostly As. But once in a while, I will get a B.”

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