When you see Addison Young in a photograph, she looks like a doll.

Almost like she is not real. But then she gets a burst of energy and you know this 5-year-old will one day rule the world, or at least her little piece of it.

Addison will tell you she sees the best and wants to make this world a better place. As a military child, she has already lived in a handful of places.

She loves singing and dancing, especially songs from the movie, “Frozen.” She wants to be a singer and songwriter when she grows up. Her inspiration is Taylor Swift.

She attends Gymkix for dance class, composed of ballet and tap. And she enjoys being a big sister to her younger brother and takes the role seriously.

“Having a little brother is hard work,” Addison said.

The House Creek Elementary kindergartner is looking forward to going back to school.

“I hope to learn about creatures that live in the sea,” she said.

She was inspired to learn more by her first trip to see the ocean, where she saw a jelly fish washed up on shore at Virginia Beach, Va.

Addison was born at Fort Irwin, Calif. As a military child, she has enjoyed traveling the United States. Despite all the places she has been in her short life, she definitely has her favorite.

“I think it is Indiana, because it snows there, and all my family is there,” the tiny tot said.

Despite the constant military moves, Addison loves being an Army kid. You will often hear her singing Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” and standing silently, saluting when reveille plays on the military post. Addison’s father will deploy to Afghanistan later this year.

“I really like that my daddy saves the country, but it makes me sad he has to go away for so long,” she said.

Addison’s mom, Morgan Young, describes her as a “daddy’s girl.”

Addison has always had respiratory problems and sees many specialists for these issues. Her asthma and allergies have gotten worse since moving to Texas.

“Addison is my hero. She just keeps on smiling and bringing joy to people’s lives, even when she is facing her own challenges,” Morgan Young said.

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