Elijah Timarkey

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By Wendy Sledd

Copperas cove herald

Some refer to him as “the total package.” He excels academically and is a tremendous athlete. But most importantly of all, Elijah Timarkey has a huge heart.

“He is just outstanding, such a hard worker, so kind, and a very caring person. He is always concerned about others and always has a smile,” said Copperas Cove High School pre-calculus teacher Carol Hawkins. “He’s one of the reasons you know you became a teacher. You get to work with students like that.”

Hawkins said Elijah is energy-charged and always on task. He also works well in a group, mentoring others and demonstrating leadership.

For Elijah, he said he always tries to give his best effort to whatever he is doing. His grade-point average is 3.9, but he says he has to work to maintain top grades.

“I have to study. I took classes in the summer to help me and to get me where I am. I know there is always room to get better and the extra classes paid off. Sometimes, I didn’t want to go to class in the summer, but I followed through on my commitment,” Elijah said. “It paid off especially on my ACT.”

Timarkey attends Grace Christian Church in Killeen and is active in Fellowship of Christian Athletes and CHAMPS, which is a community-service organization.

He has played football at CCHS for four years as an inside linebacker and offensive fullback. He describes himself as goal-oriented and kind of shy.

“Sometimes, I stutter and have to push myself out of my comfort zone. I am always uncomfortable in new situations,” Elijah said. “But, I have achieved almost all of the goals I set for myself this past year, and that allows me to do even more.”

Elijah has dated the same girl for three years and said growing up the youngest with four sisters, he knows what girls like and want and that he respects them.

“Sometimes, it gets a little crazy around our house because they always have to have the bathroom and go shopping.”

Elijah is considering majoring in history or engineering and expects to serve in the Air Force. He is currently being recruited by the Air Force Academy to play football.

Elijah’s father served in the Navy for four years and served 22 years in the Army.

“I always go above and beyond. I always do extra and do more than the next person,” Elijah said.

“What makes me different is my personality. I am always energized. I always want to interact and learn something new every day.”

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