Ronda Dellere didn’t just walk the S.C. Lee Junior High track Saturday to raise funds at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event.

She also handcrafted a quilt.

“My husband Doug is two years in remission since being treated for leukemia,” Dellere said. “While he was still in the military, he had become sick. After he was checked out, they found the disease and immediately treated him at the medical facility in San Antonio.”

While her husband is doing well today, Dellere wanted to show her support by raising awareness and money. She started by raffling her handmade quilt; she posted it on Facebook prior to the event.

The bedding generated more than $400 in donations by Saturday and contributed to the nearly $34,000 the Copperas Cove Relay for Life raised.

“Our goal was $40,000, but we are not done fundraising yet,” said Amanda Charbonneau, an American Cancer Society community income development manager. “Our teams are still going strong with fundraisers. We still have a chance to hit that goal.”

Fundraising will continue through Aug. 31. Charbonneau urged teams to continue raising money for local cancer operations by holding fundraising activities, such as kickball tournaments and car washes.

Charbonneau said getting close to the monetary goal wasn’t the event’s only success. More than 250 people and 22 teams participated in Relay for Life.

Among those participating in Cove was Jill Roberts, who also participated last year in Kansas. Her reasons for raising funds for the American Cancer Society hit close to home.

“My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor, and she died of stomach cancer in 2007,” Roberts said. “My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.”

Her husband and friends also have family members who are affected by cancer.

Charbonneau attributed the event’s success to the committee that organized Relay for Life. The entire group was new.

“They started from scratch,” she said. “We had no records from last year from where to start. They just took the ball and rolled with it. They were great.”


Mason W. Canales contributed to this report.

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