Where do you volunteer?

I am the director with the Altrusa International chapter here in Copperas Cove. I serve in an advisory capacity.

Our main purpose is to promote literacy for people of all ages from pre-schoolers to senior citizens. I have helped with collecting books for distribution to head start programs, elementary schools, and nursing homes. I also helped with the golf tournament which is our largest annual fundraiser.

I am also very active in Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful and big on environmental issues.

At this point in my life, I want to leave a better world for those coming after me. I just recently installed solar panels on my home.

Our resources are dwindling. If we do not all conserve our resources, there are not going to be any left for tomorrow.

Why is literacy important?

You don’t go very far in the world without education and that includes reading. It doesn’t have to be a formal education like Harvard or Yale. But, you have to be able to read and write to fill out a job application and get a job and contribute to society.

Why is it important for you to volunteer?

This is my city. This is where I live. I went through both the Copperas Cove Police Academy and Copperas Cove Fire Academy to understand how the police and fire departments work.

It is up to me to do my part and make the city the best it can be. That is the responsibility of every citizen.

We also have a lot of soldiers in our community and they need support systems. I am always willing to do anything to help our soldiers.

Tell us about yourself.

I am retired from the Army Nurse Corps and lived for many years up in the New England States.

But, I love Copperas Cove.

I am married to my husband, Bob, who is an avid golfer.

Do you know someone who makes a difference in our community? Tell us about this special person. Email wsledd@kdhnews.com.

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