Karen Sherman

Tell us about your life outside of volunteering.

I’m a retired school teacher and taught high school Algebra for 30 years in Copperas Cove.

I was also a puppy-raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs out of Florida for about 10 years.

We have lived in Copperas Cove since 1974. I’ve been married to my husband Steven, a retired Texas National Guardsman, for 40 years and we have two children, Jocelyn and Danielle, and two grandchildren, Daniel and Della.

Where do you volunteer?

I volunteer at the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter. Mainly what I have been involved in over the years is cleaning the kennels and anything else that needs to be done.

I also like to interact with the people who come in.

I like to greet them, sometimes I give them a brief background of the shelter and then accompany them while they look for dogs to adopt. I walk out with them and show them the dogs and see if the dog will meet their needs.

I usually go out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and on city holidays. I have volunteered with the shelter for about 10 years.

Why do you volunteer?

I (volunteer) because I just do, I want to. When people say ‘oh, thank you for what (you) do.’ I tell them, ‘I do it for me as much as for the dogs.’

It makes me feel good; it’s self-rewarding. I also needed an animal fix after raising guide dogs.

I just needed to do something with the animals as far as volunteering.

I’m also working part time at Mae Stevens Elementary School and I volunteer there sometimes as well.

How many hours do you volunteer?

I would say I volunteer about 12 hours a week.

To reach Azeita Taylor, the Copperas Cove Herald office at 254-501-7476.

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