April-Dawn Wiemer

Music means different things to different people. This is something Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary School music teacher April-Dawn Wiemer understands.

So, she uses music in a way that engages student learning and to teach students about the history of the United States and the unique commitments of the servicemen and women who defend our country every day.

Through songs in her music class, Wiemer promotes patriotism and civic responsibility and received three separate nominations this year for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8577 Teacher of the Year award because of her dedication to veterans through her teaching. Wiemer was nominated by both school Principal Leah Miller, fellow teacher Dianna Pellegrino, and the entire second-grade team at Fairview/Miss Jewell.

Wiemer is the wife of a recognized veteran who is a Purple Heart Medal recipient and is praised by Miller for educating students on the five branches of the military and ensuring veterans are honored. Annually, she hosts the school Veterans Day program and encourages students to create handmade cards to provide for the veterans and soldiers who attend the Veterans Day music performance.

“April-Dawn Wiemer spends every October preparing students to honor veterans. Not only does she ensure that a Veterans Day evening performance is conducted ... she also honors all veterans with a performance during the day and helps to organize a parade and breakfast to say thank you,” Miller said.

Wiemer teaches students the national anthem and then has students study the lyrics and the meanings behind the words. Peligrino said Wiemer does this to teach the students about respecting the national anthem, the flag, and our country.

The second-grade team said Wiemer is a hard-working, patriotic teacher who is dedicated to her students and the community.

“The students gain a positive attitude and a sense of loyalty to our country and our veterans through her endeavors,” the team said. “She is a very patriotic teacher who incorporates songs about heroes and patriotism into her curriculum… to thank the veterans of the United States.”

Wiemer has been with the Copperas Cove school district for more than 19 years and has received nominations in prior years for VFW Teacher of the Year.

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