Why do you volunteer?

I believe that we should give back to the communities in which we live and work. The organizations I’m tied to do that. They provide funding to other organizations that are worthy in our community.

It started when I was really young and we lived in Fort Lewis, Wash. My sister was born with a birth defect and she became the poster child for the March of Dimes.

We all began working as volunteers for that organization. It just grew from there

When we came to Copperas Cove, I was in high school. There was a radio station that reported on what was going on at Killeen High School, but I thought we should also have someone report on what was going on at Copperas Cove High School. So I called the radio station and told them that and they said “Would you like to do that?” I said “yes” and I started volunteering, calling in the reports. That’s how I got started in media.

How many hours to you volunteer?

I volunteer probably 60 hours a month.

Where do you volunteer?

I am on the Greater Fort Hood Area United Way board of directors. I sit on the board with several other representatives from Copperas Cove, Killeen and Harker Heights.

We work with the executive director and the fundraising chairman for the annual kick-off celebration and the end of the campaign celebration in February. Our campaign actually raises funds to help over 20 agencies in Central Texas. Some of the specific ones in Copperas Cove are the Cove House and Refuge Corporation.

I am also on the Metroplex Health System Foundation board of directors, I am the second vice president for the American Advertising Federation-Central Texas, and I am the vice president of the Quarterback Club. I also volunteer on the C.H.A.M.P.S. Heart of Texas Bowl game and I’m a member of the Killeen-Harker Heights Rotary Club.

Tell us about your life outside of volunteering.

I have been married over 21 years to the world-famous Joe Lombardi. My mother, husband and I all volunteer in the community. When we are asked to volunteer, we don’t hesitate, we just say yes.

To reach Azeita Taylor, the Copperas Cove Herald office at 254-501-7476.

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