Men and women of the Senior Center of Copperas Cove will be lacing up their walking shoes to get fit with the Armed Service YMCA.

The Copperas Cove YMCA branch is teaming up with the center to get the seniors up and moving, said Kira Bishop, YMCA fitness coordinator.

“When I was a kid, my parents always told me to find something active that I enjoy doing and then I’d be fit for my whole life,” she said. “In order to have the best quality of life possible, it is imperative to keep yourself moving frequently and in as many ways as you are able.”

The main goal for the program is to get the seniors physically active on a regular basis. The walking program will take place every other Monday starting Sept. 9 at the senior center, 1012 North St. Eleven seniors already have signed up to participate in the class.

Becky Johnson, community outreach specialist who operates the senior center, said the seniors are not timid.

“They are rip, roaring and ready to go,” she said. “They want to do things, stay physically fit, and get out into the community.”

The Texas heat is being taken into consideration as the exercise program gets underway.

“We all know Texas has two seasons — summer and more summer,” Bishop said. “So we are scheduling our walks early in the morning to avoid the hotter parts of the day. As the weather turns cooler, we plan to move our walks to later in the mornings.”

There also will be plenty of fresh, cold water on site to keep the seniors hydrated before, during and after the walk. Once the seniors are comfortable with the walking program, Bishop plans to help them set small goals, like adding light hand weights during the walks, aiming to walk a specific distance and working to increase distance over time.

Bishop also would like to see the walks increase to every Monday within a few weeks of the program starting.

If you go

What: Senior walking program

When: Every other Monday starting Sept. 9

Who: All seniors are welcome.

Registration: Sign up at the Senior Center, 1012 North Street, or call 254-547-6049.

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