Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary teacher Candace Nattiel has literally worked with hundreds of students during her career as an educator. While she is diligent about ensuring every students’ success. There are those students that make an impression on Nattiel that she will not soon forget. Devan Smith is one of those students.

Nattiel met Smith in August 2018 when he first began kindergarten.

“Devan has a very big vocabulary and a huge heart. He is considerate, animated and always thinking of others,” Nattiel said. “Devan helps students with different things in the classroom. If students in our class need help with reading or working math problems, Devan is always willing to help. He is always positive and encouraging to others. If a student becomes upset or struggles with his emotions, Devan shows empathy and will comfort them.”

The kindergartener has already began volunteering with his family at Church by the Fort. He volunteers to help get everything ready for Sunday services and helps clean up afterwards. He also attend the children’s bible study class each week.

“Devan helps with the younger children ensuring they are safe and learning the Sunday school lesson,” Nattiel said. “He is also a big help with his younger siblings and helps his grandfather as he works on repairing vehicles by handing tools to him. Devan is observant so that he can also help fix things in his home.”

Smith is the son of James and Kati Smith and was nominated by Nattiel to become a Central Texas Incredible Kid.

“Devan has been an inspiration to our classroom. His positive attitude and help in the classroom have made our classroom an encouraging welcoming place to be,” Nattiel said.

The Central Texas Incredible Kid Award is bestowed by the Central Texas Youth Coalition.

Winners selected for the honor will be recognized at a luncheon at the Bell County Expo Center on April 17.

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