The City of Copperas Cove has issued an disaster proclamation covering the area hit by a tornado Sunday evening.

The proclamation issued Wednesday afternoon states that Mayor Bradi Diaz has determined that “extraordinary measures” need to be taken to “alleviate the suffering of people and to protect or rehabilitate property.”

The proclamation declares a state of disaster to exist in the area along Big Divide Road where the tornado struck. It also implements the city’s emergency plan. The disaster proclamation is effective immediately and will last no longer than seven days unless extended by the city council.

Copperas Cove Deputy Fire Chief Gary Young said late Wednesday afternoon that the disaster proclamation was a necessary step toward helping with cleanup in the neighborhood where the tornado touched down.

“We’ve got a tremendous amount of brush and debris that was accumulated in there. What the city plans to do is offer assistance to the citizens in the identified and affected area...(to) get rid of that brush and debris and (get) it hauled off.

“Otherwise, the effective rule is we do it on the third Tuesday of the month. These people can’t wait that long,” Young said.

“The best way to change our operation is to legitimize it by doing a disaster declaration that says you normally do it this way, but let’s go in a different direction.

“It gives us the ability to take that emergency management plan, open it up and, if there are any possibilities of us doing gives us the ability to put that into play,” Young said.

The full proclamation is shown in the images above.

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