COPPERAS COVE — Tattoo artist Chris Bailey thought it would be a great idea to help sponsor the Lampasas Copperas Cove Relay for Life this year, if it weren’t for one small issue.

“I’ve got five kids, so I’m like, money might be a little tight,” Bailey said Saturday. Bailey owns Forever Tattoo in Copperas Cove, so a Relay for Life volunteer asked if he could use those skills to raise money for the event.

Bailey thought that was a great idea, so he spent six hours Saturday tattooing ribbons onto various body parts with the intent of donating the money raised to next week’s Relay for Life.

“I was just going to take off and hang with the kids today anyhow,” Bailey said, noting that two of his children are attending prom tonight. His wife, who also does hair styling at their shop, was going to be working Saturday to get other kids get ready for their prom, “so it just all kind of worked,” Bailey said.

Bailey decided to charge around $50 for each tattoo, and said he and his family had worked to streamline the process so he could do each tattoo in about 30 minutes. By Saturday evening, Bailey said he raised $900 through the fundraiser.

Eric Hall, who works on sponsorships for the Relay for Life event leadership team, was one of the first in line to get one of the ribbon tattoos.

“We came in and asked him to be a sponsor and he couldn’t at that time,” Hall said as he laid on his stomach, getting the tattoo put on the back of his left leg. The money raised Saturday will be treated as Forever Tattoo’s sponsorship donation.

“We put him on there as a sponsor for us, to get his name out there to the community ... that he does support Relay for Life,” Hall said.

Altogether, Bailey raised about $900 for the event.

Bailey won’t be able to be at the relay next week because he will be attending a wedding in Houston. He will still be recognized during the event and will receive a sponsorship T-shirt.

The Lampasas Copperas Cove Relay for Life will be held beginning at 9 a.m. next Saturday at S.C. Lee Junior High School in Copperas Cove.

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