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A former candidate for mayor in Copperas Cove was arrested Sunday after a confrontation earlier this month over a set of tires.

An arrest affidavit from the Copperas Cove Police Department shows that a police officer went to the 1300 block of Travis Circle just after midnight on May 17 for a reported assault.

According to the affidavit, a woman claimed that Brandi Weiand, 32, had come to her home and started removing the tires a from vehicle that belonged to the accuser. The accuser told the officer she tried to block Weiand from removing jack stands from beneath the car that would have left the brakes touching the ground and left no way to jack the car back up. The affidavit indicated that Weiand became irate and grabbed the woman by the throat and tried to choke her. The accuser complained of pain and discomfort in her neck, according to the affidavit.

Weiand was later arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury, a Class B misdemeanor.

Reached for comment Wednesday, Weiand said she was owed money for the tires and decided to repossess them after the accuser, her neighbor, refused to pay what was owed.

“Her and her grandmother attacked me,” Weiand said. “I have the bruises to prove it.”

Weiand said she acted in self-defense during the confrontation and did not act until she was physically assaulted.

“I struck once, and that was when they hit me in the face,” Weiand said.

Weiand said she was arrested Sunday, 10 days after the confrontation happened. Weiand said she was held in jail for several hours before appearing before Coryell County Justice of the Peace Bill Price. According to Weiand, she was released on a $3,000 personal recognizance bond and is unsure when she will go back to court.

Weiand said that with the pending charge, she is restricted from leaving the state, complicating medical appointments she already has scheduled in Colorado. She also felt earlier reports of her arrest have damaged her reputation.

Weiand was one of four candidates who filed to run in a special election for Copperas Cove mayor held April 27. She received 15 votes out of the more than 700 ballots cast.

Weiand said after the election that she wanted to see changes in how the city government operated and might run for office again. In the meantime, she planned to concentrate on educational and business opportunities in the Copperas Cove area.

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