Mary Alexopoulos

Mary Alexopoulos was named the 2013 Employee of the 2nd Quarter at the July 24 meeting of the Coryell County Central Appraisal District board of directors.

“I was surprised; I wasn’t expecting it,” said Alexopoulos, exemptions coordinator for the Gatesville branch. “I was honored that everyone thought I did a good job and recognized it.”

Alexopoulos, 24, was nominated for the award by fellow employees for her role in the team’s completion of a project, said Mitch Fast, chief appraiser.

“She was part of a process where we automated some of the in-taking of various exemption applications throughout the county,” Fast said. “She was able to really rapidly get out any information and got that streamline down to about a one- to two-day process. That’s a pretty good accomplishment that she’s been a major part of.”

Employed with the appraisal district since 2008, Alexopoulos said her motivation comes from a strong work ethic.

“My job is to take applications and look over them to see if that person is eligible, and then grant or deny it,” Alexopoulos said. “I like to get the job done the first time and make sure everyone is happy with it.”

The board also recognized Alexopoulos for her collective work throughout her tenure and her positive attitude. She is a very dependable employee, Fast said.

“She always shows up on time and has a good attitude and makes all of the people around her want to have a little more enjoyment at their jobs,” he said. “That’s what really stuck out to me as I was conducting this process.”

Appraisal district employee Robyn Sweazea, who nominated Alexopoulos, said she seems to be at her best when doing her job. “She’s always really friendly to the public and to the employees,” Sweazea said. “I’ve only been here a couple of months and she’s made me feel at home.”

Along with a certificate, Alexopoulos received eight extra hours of vacation time.

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