Cove author Lynette Sowell released more than her newest book “Tempest’s Course” on Tuesday night during a book release party at Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter. She also donated a quilt and a portion of the revenue made from her book sales to the shelter during the event.

Cove House Director Benjamin Tindall said the quilt will be displayed in one of the temporary housing facilities on the premises.

The $60 donation will be used for main-stay items at the shelter.

“One of the things we try to do here is make our guests feel at home and nothing says home like this (quilt),” Tindall said. “(The money) will go toward food for our food bank and supporting shelter operations.”

Sowell, who has written several books, said since this was the first time she held a party for a book release, she wanted to host it in a place that would also benefit the community.

“I just decided to have a party here and give back a little bit. This place deserves our attention,” she said.

Many in the community came out in support of both author and organization.

“I came to support Lynette, because what she’s making from the book (sales), half of it goes to the Cove House,” said Sandor Vegh, Copperas Cove resident and avid community supporter.

Marion Palumbo, treasurer for the Friends of the Library, said she enjoyed Sowell’s writing.

“For the types of books she’s writing, they are near the top of the list,” Palumbo said. “And we really support Cove House.”

Tindall said hosting these types of events in the future would be a great opportunity for Cove House.

“We are always looking for new ways to get involved in the community and this was a unique way to do that,” he said.

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