Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter is opening the cycling season in Copperas Cove with its annual 10- to 63-mile bike tour fundraiser meant for all ages and experience levels.

“The Cove House Classic has been one of our main annual fundraisers,” said Benjamin Tindall, Cove House executive director.

“We generally have between 150-250 riders that come out.”

As part of the tour, the riders can travel numerous courses that take them through northern Copperas Cove and southern and central Coryell County, stated the ride’s websites.

There are course for everyone, including families, children and more experienced riders.

“We generally get people from all over the state to come out,” Tindall said, noting riders generally use the ride as a precursor to the Hotter than Hell Race later this year.

By charging the riders, Cove House, a nonprofit homeless shelter and food pantry, generates revenue to support its operations.

While the amount of funds raised varies from year to year, about $2,500 to $3,000 is usually raised for the shelter, Tindall said.

“We hope to meet and exceed that number this year,” he said, noting the shelter’s board has promoted the race even more than last year.

Tindall hopes the ride will attract Austin-area cyclist groups and greater Killeen area riders.

The Cove House Classic is not a race, but more a family friendly tour, Tindall said.

“It is just a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, and they are supporting a good cause by doing it,” he said. “It is family oriented ,and no matter what caliber of rider you are, you can come out and enjoy the ride with your family.”

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