Blue Santa organizers extended the deadline until Monday to apply for Christmas assistance.

More than 100 applications were received as of Wednesday, with the deadline originally scheduled to be today. But Vesna Coudadan, board president, said the group has been working to get the word out through the schools and community.

“It’s been a little slower this year than in the last couple of years and we want to make sure everyone knows about the opportunity to get assistance,” Coudadan said. “Last year, we ended up with 240 applications and we’re expecting at least that many this year.”

Applications will be taken today and Monday at the Blue Santa Headquarters at 338 Cove Terrace Shopping Center near Sherwin Williams from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m. No applications will be accepted after Monday.

To apply for assistance, residents must provide a photo ID, proof of residency, Medicaid or food stamp authorization letter, proof of relationship to the child and a recent income statement.

The organization provides Christmas toys for 500-600 children every year. Coudadan said volunteers had not yet gone through the more than 100 applications received so far to determine how many children are on the list for assistance.

Contact Wendy Sledd at or (254) 501-7476

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Unfair to those who work and still can't afford gifts for their children. Because we make just enough to provide for our kids and don't qualify for Food Stamps but we can't take advantage of this help provided to those who just sit around collecting Food Stamps and get free health insurance.

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