To earn his Eagle Scout badge, Copperas Cove High School student Bryce Stephen Alexander, 16, is constructing information kiosks designed to navigate visitors through Cove’s City Park.

The structures will be 6 ½ feet tall and 4 feet wide, encased in Plexiglas, with a tin roof on top, Alexander said.

To best serve visitors, the signs will be placed at the east and west entrances of the park, said Copperas Cove Parks and Recreation Director Joseph Pace.

“He will have everything mapped out on it and on the back side will be a corkboard to post announcements, so when people come out there, they can see what’s available in the park,” Pace said.

With Pace’s backing, Alexander submitted a five-page project proposal to the city council which approved the proposal earlier this month.

But, the project still requires the Longhorn Council of Boy Scouts’ stamp of approval before construction can begin.

“I don’t plan for there to be a hassle with (the council),” Alexander said. “I do hope it will go pretty quick.”

Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful is donating 90 percent of the $280 cost of the project for tools, materials and equipment.

Pace said Alexander will have complete freedom of design and concept of the structure as long as it strictly adheres to city code.

For the building process, Alexander is recruiting friends and fellow Boy Scouts to help build and erect the kiosks.

“I won’t actually be building them because the whole point of the project is for me to lead other people in my design and make sure that it gets fulfilled,” he said.

A member of Boy Scouts for more than five years, Alexander said the organization has taught him the value of hard work and dedication and has shaped him into a better person.

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