The Breakfast Exchange Club passed the Traveling Gavel on Wednesday at Lil’ Tex Restaurant in Copperas Cove.

The 2½-foot wooden replica of a standard gavel used at Exchange Club meetings was passed from Mark Peterson, Cove councilman, to Laura White and JoAnn Sugg of the Gatesville Exchange Club.

Peterson had taken the gavel from the Dallas Exchange Club.

“Mark Peterson is the only one qualified to release the gavel to the Gatesville club,” President Malcolm Dickinson said, explaining that the Traveling Gavel can be retrieved by any of 25 surrounding district Exchange Club representatives.

The tradition started at a Florida meeting in an effort to encourage Exchange Club members to interact with members of other area clubs.

“The tradition started with a normal-sized gavel being stolen by stealth maneuvers of other club representatives,” Sugg said.

“Changes implemented make passing the gavel a peaceful, orderly affair.”

In other business, new members Butch Ronnie and Richard Kilpatrick were inducted into the club. Kipp Miller urged members to recruit friends and family members by inviting them to the weekly meeting.

“Our April 3 Golden Deeds morning celebration will be a great time to introduce potential members and friends to the Exchange Club,” Miller said, adding that there is no cost to join.

The Breakfast Exchange Club meets at 6:30 a.m. every Wednesday at Lil’ Tex Restaurant.

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