“We are all about assisting veterans on their journey, pointing them in the direction to receive the help they need to live better” said Jonathon Hayward, president of Star Group-Veterans helping Veterans.

SGVHV held its monthly meeting Saturday, where they received the business of the month award from the Chamber of Commerce.

SGVHV is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that stands up for the rights of veterans and assists them in getting their voice heard in the community.

“There are many veterans in the surrounding area” Hayward said. “We collaborate with other veteran and civilian organizations to assure individuals receive the attention and tools required to become successful in their daily lives.”

The organization was created by veterans who saw that many needs  were not being adequately met and decided to take matters into their own hands. The organization was born, and the journey began to resolve some of the problems.

Veteran Jeffery Roach describes SGVHV as home away from home,

“It’s a loving, tight net family making sure veterans needs are met in a ‘any means necessary’ kind of way; I appreciate all that they do for us.”

“It’s the essence of the soldier that we fight for, a heart that lives on,” said John Footman, former commander of the Texas Military Order of the Purple Heart. “We must continue to help and support our veterans in any way that we can.”

In support of the vision of SGVHV, and to assist veterans on their journey to adapt and overcome, Linnemann Realty donated a truck to make getting the job done that much easier.

SGVHV is a giving organization, fighting for the veteran, the family unit and their community in support of their quest to feed, shelter and support their eternal battle buddy, Hayward said.

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