He raps today for Christ but rapped in a secular world when he dropped out of high school and got involved in drugs and alcohol.

In 2001, this Copperas Cove resident’s life changed dramatically.

Jamie “JayMay” Mayberry released his fourth Christian rap album last year and shared his talent Saturday night at Iglesia Cantico Nuevo in Killeen as the headliner of Fire and Light Fest 2013.

The concert series presented seven Christian acts including JayMay, Renegade Redeemed, IVE, Pham, Ross Hall and Company, Taundra and Jen.

“Our music ranges from gospel to contemporary to rap because we want to offer something for everyone,” said Ray Gonzalez, the event’s promoter.

Mayberry said most people have never heard of a Christian rapper, especially those who do not go to church.

“People are amazed that the lyrics are decent and realize they can get down to this,” he said. “My music is inspirational and will never be about gangs, guns or degrading women. It is meant to inspire and build up people for God.”

JayMay released his first album “Do You Believe?” in 2003. By 2004, he had started his own record label, Double Edge Sword Records, and released three more albums.

“For most people, I am the first Christian rapper they have ever heard,” Mayberry said. “If I can change one person and bring them to Christ, that’s my goal.”

Claudia Daniels, a 17 year-old Copperas Cove High School senior, danced, screamed and sang along at the concert Saturday.

“I love Christian rap,” she said. “It’s the best of both worlds. The beat hits my heart, and the message is amazing. It’s awesome.”

Mayberry’s journey could have turned out much differently had he not turned his life to Christ.

“I was in a group called Presidential Players,” he said. “We just released a CD. Doors were opening up for us. But the Lord kept pulling on my heart. I didn’t know it was God talking to me. I thought I was hearing voices in my head.”

The rapper started watching television sermons, reading the Bible and attending church. In October 2001, he heard a sermon and gave his life to Christ.

“My wife was saved later that year,” he said. “We go to church and pray often. Our purpose is to serve the Lord.”

JayMay’s music is available through iTunes, Amazon and at www.jaymayonline.com. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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