Copperas Cove Citizens Fire and Public Safety Volunteer Association

The Copperas Cove Citizens Fire and Public Safety Volunteer Association honored recipients of 10-year certificates Sunday at Grace United Methodist Church.

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The Copperas Cove Citizens Fire and Public Safety Volunteer Association held its 10-year awards ceremony Saturday at Grace United Methodist Church.

Recipients of 10-year certificates and pins were James Stockman, Cathy Stockman, Joyce Huckaby, Brunhilde Copeland, Bonnie Henderson, Sandy Vegh, Kimberly Fletcher and Shelby Fletcher.

The goal of the association is to present and promote a positive image of fire prevention and law enforcement. Volunteers support the Cove Fire and Police Departments in various ways, such as preparing meals for officers and firefighters during fires or other emergencies and providing water at community events.

During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in past years, the group sheltered displaced people and assisted the American Red Cross.

“Being a part of this group helps us to know and better support our police and fire departments and law enforcement,” said Ronald Swift, a volunteer with the group.

Volunteer Conrad Huckaby said he especially enjoys helping during Rabbit Fest Run 4 Hope and other Cove events.

Firefighters Monte Priest and Matt Thomas praised the efforts of the volunteer group.

“Anything we need is provided by this group from coffee to cooking utensils,” Police officer John Oster said. “We appreciate this volunteer resource in emergencies. They are a great support for Citizens Police and Fire Academy.”

Herald/Sandra Duffy Oliver

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