The third phase of introducing single-stream recycling to Copperas Cove neighborhoods could begin as early as October.

“The hope is before the end of year,” said Silvia Rhoads, the city’s recycling coordinator. “If we are going on the schedule of every three months, we should be doing it by October or November.”

Cove started implementing a single-stream recycling pilot program for homes in the Hughes Gardens subdivision area in April. Six hundred residences were placed into the program at the start of each phase.

“This next time it maybe a little bit less, but we will have close to 1,500 homes that are participating,” Rhoads said.

A report on single-stream recycling stated participation in the pilot area has increased from about 25 to 50 percent.

The city has given the green single stream bins to everyone as the program is phased into their area and about 50 percent have been using them, Rhoads said. Some residents have given the containers back after they were charged for missusing the containers as trash cans.

The city bills residents who contaminate their bins by using them as a second garbage can, Rhoads said. To prevent contamination of the single-stream bins, the city has provided educational information about what can be recycled, Rhoads said. Everything on the list can be recycled by just throwing it into the bin, with the exception of shredded paper which should be put into a bag.

The city collected 15.59 tons of material in the single-stream recycling pilot area in July and August, stated the report. The collection resulted savings of $808.70 by diverting it from the landfill. In July, the city also received $261.67 for selling the material

“Keeping cost down and generating revenue is a winning combination,” City Manager Andrea Gardner said. Those figures will get larger as more areas are placed into the single stream program.

Rhoads anticipates participation rates will stay the same even as it is implemented throughout the city, she said.

“The expectation is to have 50 percent if not more,” Rhoads said. “The hope would be to have 80 percent participate.”

More information

Recyclable materials in the single stream area include:

  • Newspaper, including inserts but not the plastic sleeves.
  • Aluminum cans.
  • Office paper, can be shredded and includes telephone books and magazines, must be placed in a bag.
  • Steel cans, rinsed out and flattened as much as possible.
  • Plastics 1-7, rinse out container, remove cap and flatten.
  • Cardboard, including chipboard as in cereal boxes, cake boxes, show boxes or soda boxes, etc.

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