GATESVILLE — Howdy, Copperas Cove. Here is what is going on downrange in Coryell County.

County commissioners are moving ahead with the application for a Texas Department of Transportation grant for at least $134,000 to repair county roads damaged by oil and gas exploration.

Part of the process is naming an advisory board that includes members of the public and “up to three representatives of the oil and gas industry who are taxpayers in the county.”

During a public hearing this week, County Judge John Firth said he has talked with two Cove area residents — Dr. Rayford Williams and Glen Powell — who once had connections with the oil and gas industry and have agreed to serve on the board. Firth suggested that one or two of the county commissioners along with Allen Neel, the county road and bridge administrator, could be the “public” members of the board.

County Attorney Brandon Belt told commissioners he doubted Williams and Powell would qualify as industry representatives. Belt also said he did not believe members of the county government would not qualify as “public” members of the board.

Firth said Williams and Powell might be named as public members of the board. Selection of the panel is on hold while commissioners look for someone who may qualify as an industry representative.

Moving day may be coming soon for county officials whose offices will be relocated to the newly acquired Extraco Bank building. Commissioner Don Jones said renovations on the building are nearly complete.

Firth’s office, along with those of the county auditor, treasurer and new human resources director, will be among the first tenants of the Extraco annex.

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