The orange trailer with a little cartoon frog on it may seem unassuming, but a quick step up to the window reveals a variety of shaved ice products from a rainbow of flavors.

The Frigid Frog, a shaved ice stand operated by Shelly Kirk and her husband, Jason Kirk, has been a roadside stop for Copperas Cove travelers since 2010.

“When we first started, we had a store front, but the overhead was just a little too much,” Shelly Kirk said. “So we got into the Frigid Frog stand and we’ve had lots of success with it.”

The idea for the stand started years ago, when the Kirks bought a small machine for their previous home in Arkansas.

“The kids all used to come over for two things: to use the pool and for shaved ice,” Shelly Kirk said.

She began seeing it as a possible business venture at a yard sale.

“The kids set up the little machine and sold little shaved ices for a dollar, and at the end of the day they made around $80 while the yard sale had made around $50,” she said. “That was the moment we started looking into this on a larger scale.”

While Shelly Kirk works the stand, Sgt. 1st Class Jason Kirk is stationed at Fort Hood.

“When he deployed in 2009, that was when I really began to research the trailers, stands, brands, all of that,” she said.

Because of their military connection, the Frigid Frog has done numerous events for Family Readiness Groups, and they offer a 10 percent military discount.

“But you don’t have to be in the military for the discount,” Shelly Kirk said. “We sell wristbands that also give you a 10 percent discount.”

The Frigid Frog offers more than 40 flavors, and grants the customer the ability to mix and match.

“We usually tell people that after four or five different flavors, it’s not going to taste good,” she said. “But some people want to do it. I like adding the cheesecake flavor, myself.”

The Frigid Frog is available for events and fundraisers, as well. They’ve done lots of work with the Law Enforcement Explorer Program.

“With a stand like this, we hire a lot of high school kids,” Shelly Kirk said. “In fact, often times we have hired kids who have connections with other businesses, and when that happens we’ll cross promote.”

Like one year we handed out coupons for a florist and they handed out coupons for our stand.”

The stand gets busier when school lets out for the summer.

“This is our busiest time of the year, and when school is out, that’s the beginning of our season,” Shelly Kirk said.

While the Frigid Frog is a mobile stand, it can be very easy to spot. People can follow the Frigid Frog on Facebook, where it posts its daily location and hours of operation.


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