Crafter’s Corner

Longtime customers William Allen and Chris Kidd buy items at Crafter’s Corner, while owners Diana McDonald and her husband, Jeff McDonald, check them out. After 12 years in Copperas Cove, the store is closing.

Crafter’s Corner in Cove Square will close its doors for good on Saturday. The 9,000-square-foot antique mall has operated in Copperas Cove for 12 years.

“I feel really bad about this news; it’s such a cool place with so many unique things,” said Chris Kidd, a longtime customer.

Owners Diana and Jeff McDonald reluctantly decided to give up the business after three years of struggling to turn a profit. Diana McDonald was a vendor who rented shelf space at Crafter’s Corner before she bought the business from its previous owners.

“It was available for a good price, but the store was heavily in debt. I figured we could spruce things up and improve business over time,” she said.

Several factors led the couple to decide to close the store. “People just aren’t spending as much because they’re worried by the economy,” Diana McDonald said.

“This area of the Cove is dying,” she added, as she pointed to several vacant business spaces in the mall complex. She said she’s seen the area become more run down over the years.

“When the new loop they’re putting on (U.S.) 190 is finished, it’ll divert all the traffic away from here,” said Jeff McDonald. “There’ll be no reason for people to pass this area unless they live over here or make a conscious effort to come find us.”

New government regulations were another factor in their decision to close.

“Each vendor will have to get a license and even pay some property taxes for selling their goods in the building,” said Diana McDonald. “I’ll also be required to collect Social Security numbers and 199 tax forms from them. … I don’t want to encroach on them like that; they are their own business owners as far as I’m concerned.”

Diana McDonald also expressed concerns about how the new health care law might affect herself and her vendors in the future.

“We’re just a tiny business trying to get by,” Jeff McDonald said. “We’re sad that we have to do this, but it’s the only realistic choice to make.”

Those who want to continue purchasing antiques and other vintage collectibles from the McDonalds can look up their store on under the name “crazydede.”

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