The Copperas Cove City Council repealed the city’s controversial feral cat ordinance Tuesday night and discussed how to handle the city’s problem with unsightly piles of brush that litter neighborhood lawns.

In a 5-1 vote with Councilman Kenn Smith being the only dissenting vote, the council voted to repeal the Sept. 3 ordinance that fined citizens a maximum of $200 if caught trapping feral cats for spaying and neutering or feeding them.

“(Feral) cats are a nuisance,” Smith, who has owned house cats for 25 years, said. “They walk on my car and leave footprints and use my flower bed as a litter box. They are just a nuisance.”

brush piles on side of road

In the workshop before the meeting, the council also discussed at length with Director of Financial Services Velia Key about how to deal with the problems of brush piled beside the road and the failure of residents to call for pickup. Key said the piles get rodent and snake infested, putting city employees in potential danger.

City Manager Andrea Gardner suggested requiring residents to put the brush out the night before with the blue can holder.

Councilwoman Cheryl Meredith said this would cause double work by making the homeowner put the brush out of site in the back only to drag it back around to the front on trash day.

There also was discussion of a fee if residents put the brush out too early.

Ultimately, city officials agreed that residents can place their brush next to the curb no more than seven days before pickup, which will be every other week.

In other business, the council also requested a study be done to determine which parts of the city are most in need of additional lighting. Discussion ensued when Councilman Gary Kent recommended additional lighting on Golf Course Road. Councilwoman Marty Smith said there are other areas of the city that may need additional lighting first.

“We should be lighting some of the areas over on Sunset. It’s really even more important to spend our dollars in that area,” Smith said. “We want to prevent crime in that area and lighting does help.”

A study of the areas should be completed in the next few months with action to be taken with next year’s budget.

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George Fox

It is sad tyo hear councilman Smith go on about feral cats. He has had the past three years to get someone to help him with his problem but nothing was said. Everybody concerned has been at these meetings over the past three years but not a word. The ordiance would have never helped him but we know people that could have. Who is the real nuisance?

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