By Mason W. Canales

Copperas Cove Herald

Copperas Cove is looking to issue $9.4 million in bonds for several infrastructure projects and equipment in January or February.

Earlier this month, the Cove City Council reviewed several projects proposed for a fiscal year 2014 certificate of obligation bond package as part of the city’s proposed budget discussions.

Projects in the proposed bond included a variety of infrastructure improvements, such as those for the Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant, and equipment purchases.

The Valley at Great Hill Utility Improvement project was a newer addition to the budget, as a developer is looking to create a subdivision south of U.S. Highway 190 near Big Divide Road.

The developer has the option to work with Kempner Water Supply Corporation, but would prefer to work with Cove, said City Manager Andrea Gardner.

“He is really trying to get the project started in 2014,” Gardner said.

The proposed development should have both commercial and residential aspects but is anticipated to accommodate at least 400 households, said Jimmy Clark, the potential developer.

To provide adequate water to the area, a three-phase project is planned. The first phase has an estimated cost of $2.56 million and was recommended for fiscal year 2014. It includes constructing a 12-inch waterline from the city’s current transmission line to a location where the developer can tie into the city main.

A 200,000-gallon ground storage water tank and elevated water storage tank of the same size also are recommended for the initial phase.

Improvements to the wastewater treatment plant were estimated at $3.6 million, according to the city’s budget. They would include replacing, updating and improving multiple components of the treatment facility.

About $930,000 of the proposed bond is allocated for change orders to the U.S. Highway 190 South bypass project, which included moving a water line and additional dirt work for relocating a landfill in the highway’s path.

The final two capital improvement projects included in the bond are adding a third bay to Fire Station 2 at an estimated cost of $230,000 and the rehabilitation of a 1 million-gallon water storage tank for about $375,000. An estimated $1.5 million was allocated for equipment, such as patrol cars and computer software.

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