Democrats of Copperas Cove members gathered at the historic Allin House Saturday afternoon to celebrate their 1-year anniversary.

The group, which works to raise political involvement and promote the ideals of the Democratic Party in Cove, was first established on May 4, 2012 — exactly one year before the day of the celebration.

“Our primary purpose is to advocate and be a voice for people that believe in the Democratic Party,” President Jessica Gonzalez said. “We want to promote equal representation within the community.”

Considering their minority status in a very Republican-dominated community, celebrating the first anniversary was a significant achievement for the group.

“I’m very pleased and ecstatic that we have made it this far,” said Pat Compher, vice president. “It was a huge endeavor from the start, but we are doing well and have grown rapidly.”

Others also expressed jubilation at reaching the milestone.

“I feel great,” said Franklin Gilmore, membership chair. “The turnout is more than we had expected.”

Gilmore said he was glad the political party-based organization started in Copperas Cove.

“I believe in the democratic cause,” he said. “In my opinion, it’s what’s best for the American people.”

Gene Whittle, Coryell County’s democratic chairman, and Joy Bates of the Coryell County Democrats of Gatesville attended the anniversary celebration, giving congratulations to the growing Copperas Cove group in a short speech during the party.

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