Golfers at the Hills of Cove course will swing for more than par Saturday at the Copperas Cove Education Foundation fundraiser. They’ll be playing for cash and a new vehicle.

“You have the cake, which is helping the foundation, and then you have the icing, which is a hole-in-one,” said Jim Rudd, a foundation member who helped organize the annual event.

To attract more participants this year, the organization will give away $5,000 to anyone who has a hole-in-one on No. 8 and All American Chevrolet will give a vehicle away to the golfer who makes a hole-in-one on No. 10, Rudd said. Regardless of the prizes, people wanting to donate to the foundation should come play the course, said Bradi Diaz, the organization’s president.

“It goes to a great cause,” Diaz said. “Every dollar goes into the classroom or helps support the district.”

The foundation provides annual grants for teachers who strive to offer creative and innovative educational methods to students. Last year’s tournament netted about $24,000 for teachers.

“We are filling needs that can’t be fulfilled through the normal funding mechanism,” Diaz said.

Past projects funded by the organization include a donation of e-readers, the construction of a greenhouse and the creation of an after-school camp.

The tournament isn’t the only funding source for the foundation, but it is a big one that helps the organization continue to meet teachers’ needs, Rudd said.

“(Fundraising) is always a challenge because we are like a ton of other nonprofits that have great causes out there,” Diaz said. “But we feel that children and teachers are very important. Not only in general, but because we are very proud of our schools.”

With this year’s larger prizes and better odds of winning than the Texas Lottery, Rudd said he hopes more people will participate in the tournament.

“We usually raise several thousand dollars, and that is a few grants that we can attribute to the golf tournament,” Diaz said.


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