The Copperas Cove City-Wide Garage Sale is selling spots for would-be sellers in downtown this year.

Proceeds raised help fund the chamber’s Adopt-a-Unit program with Fort Hood and its business ambassador program.

Space is available at the June 1 event for anyone with items to sell.

“It doesn’t need to be garage sale material,” said Betty Price, Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau president. “We have antique sellers, local businesses and anyone who wants to set up for this event.”

As of Tuesday, more than 20 spots were sold with room for more, Price said. Patrons of the event will find garage sellers between Second and Main streets on Avenue E.

“It’s a great fundraiser,” Price said. “We encourage clubs and nonprofits to come out and sell anything they’d like. I know the Masonic Lodge will be out there, among others.”

Garage sale crowds have been steady in the past, but the new location downtown may increase the number of shoppers, according to the chamber. This is the first year the event will be held downtown, moving from the Cove Civic Center.

Garage sale vendors will have to bring their own equipment.

“Nothing is provided except the spot, so anybody who registers will need to bring everything — tables, chairs, tents, whatever you need,” Price said.

The garage sale benefits both sellers and buyers.

“I usually bring items to sell,” Price said. “But I usually come home with more then I left with. There are a lot of treasures to be found.”

Garage sale applications can be downloaded at the Chamber of Commerce website and sent in by mail, email or in person.

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