Martin Walker Elementary Field Day

Trent Kaferle, 8, hops past classmate Ricky Guard, 9, during Field Day activities May 17 at Martin Walker Elementary School in Copperas Cove.

Martin Walker Elementary students took a break from studies May 17 for the school’s annual Field Day event.

Children chose from 19 activities set up for their entertainment.

“They do a lot of schoolwork during the rest of the year, I just want this day to be fun for them,” said gym teacher Karen Harris.

This year was Harris’ 11th year organizing and coordinating Field Day.

“Sometimes, other schools require them to rotate between each activity, but I let the kids choose to do whatever they like while they’re out here,” Harris said. “This is their day. If they want to play on the water slide for the whole time, that’s fine by me.”

Assistant gym teacher Kristina Myers voiced similar sentiments.

“I think it’s really important to give them this opportunity to be outside and just let them be kids,” Myers said. “They spend so much time testing now and recesses aren’t very long. … It’s not like when I was younger when we had a lot of outdoor time.”

Some of the activities included sack races, water games, baseball, bowling, basketball and an obstacle course. The school also rented two inflatable bounce houses and a water slide, both of which were popular with the children.

“I was waiting and waiting and waiting (for Field Day),” said second-grader Alejandra Espinoza.

Her favorite activity was trying to pick up marbles with her toes from a small pool.

First-grader Gavin Roberts said he loved the bounce house.

Several volunteers — including parents, military personnel and local high school students — helped with the activities.

“We just couldn’t make it without them,” Harris said.

The school’s PTA group bought lunch for the volunteers.

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