Copperas Cove Independent School District new student registration center at the high school was crowded Tuesday with more than 250 families enrolling their students.

The volume of families who attended the registration day was more than suspected, said Jerrod Barton, the district’s director of student services. Last year, the district’s first day of registration saw about 125 families.

Throughout the day, the district worked to improve the flow of moving parents and their students through various stations that included ensuring the district has the children’s current shot records, information from individual schools, bus passes, and enrollment into the lunch program.

“It took forever,” said Vanessa Sinclair, a Copperas Cove resident, who was enrolling her son Julian Lanveros, 5, into Martin Walker Elementary School. “We have been here since 8:30 (a.m.)”

But despite the wait, Sinclair said it was beneficial to get all the information in one place and everything taken care of at once.

“They planned it out good,” said Zana Crawford, a Cove resident enrolling here 3-year-old daughter, Aylen, into pre-kindergarten. “I don’t have to do any extra running around.”

Because the registration was all encompassing, Crawford and Sinclair said the only thing left to do was buy school supplies and wait for the first day.

“When you have to leave him in the classroom, then you walk out and cry,” said Sinclair’s mother, Heidi, noting the first day was going to be hard for her daughter since Julian is her first child to send to school.

Transfer registration was conducted on Wednesday, and a make up day for all students was held Thursday at the high school.

The district also is registering students Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at individual campuses.

Parents will have to report to the campus for which their student is zoned, Barton said. Another option is to call the district student service center.

Registration this week not only provided a “one stop shop” for parents and students, it also helped lessen the work load on the first day of school, Barton said.

“What it is going to do is decrease the strain right from the beginning,” he said. “The start of the year is the busiest part of the year, and we want to help with that.”

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