Copperas Cove Independent School District is moving forward with the demolition of nine buildings at its Avenue E campus but will leave the historically significant structures unscathed.

“Avenue E was the original campus of Copperas Cove,” said Deputy Superintendent Richard Kirkpatrick. “The original school building and the original gym on the site are not being done at all.

“It is still a historical site, there are a lot of people who have graduated from there. It means a lot to them.”

On Monday, the district’s board of trustees approved seeking bids for the demolition and asbestos abatement of the more modern structures on the school grounds.

“We are looking at the buildings that were added on later that are not in good shape,” Kirkpatrick said. “(The older structures) are in disrepair. For us to do anything there, they have to be gone.”

Buildings not on the list for demolition include the original schoolhouse constructed in the 1890s, the gym, the auditorium and a select few wings of the main building.

While Kirkpatrick wouldn’t say what the district’s plans are for the new space created by removing the structures from the property, the school board has suggested ideas for it.

In March, Superintendent Joseph Burns and the board began preliminary discussions about possibly turning the complex of buildings into a career and technical education high school and offering classes and certificates in areas such as automotive technology, cosmetology, culinary arts and information technology.

“What our next step is on that campus, we don’t know, but in order to do any step, those buildings have to be removed,” Kirkpatrick said.

There are less than 100 students using the Avenue E campus, which houses the Copperas Cove Crossroads High School and the district’s Disciplinary Alternative Education Program.

The district has made modifications to the original structures so students still can attend classes there, Kirkpatrick said.

Demolition is expected to take place during the summer, and the district has budgeted $250,000 for the project.

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