Williams/Ledger Elementary School kindergartner Kadence Coombs, who is also the reigning Little Miss Five Hills, shows off some of the medals she collected during Medal Mania. She hosted the event to collect old medals for the Snowdrop Foundation which will replace the neck ribbons and award them to children fighting cancer to encourage them to finish the race.

The medals clanged together as she carried them across the room. Her tiny arms quivered from all the weight.

But, 5-year-old Kadence Coombs did not complain. In fact, she was happy. She knows that the small struggle she is facing is minor compared to those children she is helping.

The Williams/Ledger Elementary School kindergartner is the reigning Little Miss Five Hills and has undertaken a platform of service this year, Bling for Bravery, to help kids who are dying from cancer.

Her chosen charity is the Snowdrop Foundation which collects and donates neck medals. The medals will be put on new neck ribbons and be given to Texas children who are battling cancer to encourage them to keep fighting and finish the race.

“Being able to help other children and help them stay strong and finish the race is important to me,” Kadence said. “I hope these medal donations help these fighters to feel happy and loved.”

Kadnece has danced at GymKix for four years and taken gymnastics at the facility for three years. So, it was a natural partnership with the philanthropic local business which readily agreed to support the tiny beauty queen in her efforts. Kadence created an event called Medal Mania asking all of her fellow gymnasts and dance friends to bring in medals they had earned but perhaps had more than needed.

GymKix owner Carrie Harris said she has seen first-hand the lives that are touched by the Five Hills Royalty and their community service projects.

“Kadence is a kind-hearted young lady and we were happy to support her endeavor to help those battling cancer,” Harris said. “It is rare to find a sense of duty at such a young age and we were happy to provide an avenue to assist her.”

With the help of the High Velocity Dance Company, Royals Gymnastics Team, and several other GymKix families, Kadence collected 25 medals in her first collection event. Another 77 medals were donated through CCISD students and staff, pushing Kadence past the 100 mark.

“I am excited. I can’t wait to collect more and help out the kids in the hospital,” Kadence said.

Kadence will continue to collect medals throughout her year-long reign and will be holding events around Central Texas as well as in Houston where the Texas Children’s Hospital is located.

If you would like to help support Bling For Bravery, collect old medals you have gotten from various events like gym meets, competitions, races, pageants, science fairs, etc. that are hidden away in your closets, attics, etc. and drop them off at GymKix, Copperas Cove Leader Press, or Copperas Cove ISD offices.

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