Brandi’s Pet Grooming

Traci Carter, owner of Brandi’s Pet Grooming, has a passion for animals and helps with pet adoption efforts in Copperas Cove.

A simple, unassuming storefront that reads “Brandi’s Pet Grooming” belies the true nature of the busy local business run by Traci Carter.

Step inside and Carter’s passion for dogs, her business and the community are apparent. Next to the door hangs a board with photos of dogs that Brandi’s Grooming successfully helped find new homes for in the community, along with thank-you notes from happy customers and adoptive pet parents.

“We do a lot of charity work with local shelters because we want these animals to find homes,” Carter said. “We want them to have loving owners like every other dog that comes in here.”

Brandi’s helps support the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter and More Paws 2 Love charity group by hosting yard sales twice a year to raise funds for each organization. Carter also offers discounts to new pet parents.

“When people adopt pets, and they bring in their adoption paperwork, they will get a discount,” said Carter. “We really want to help these animals find good homes and it’s something we can do to help.”

In Copperas Cove for five years, Brandi’s Pet Grooming also offers a unique take on pet boarding with “hotel” rooms for dogs. Ensuring the animals have a comfortable and relaxing stay is Carter’s main priority, she said.

“That’s our thing … making the dogs — I mean customers — happy.”

Carter, who accepts all breeds at her pet hotel, uses cage-free boarding during the day. She divides the dogs into large and small breeds, a method that allows “guests” to socialize and exercise with each other.

Brandi’s staff of groomers has more than 40 years combined experience, Carter said. She recommends long-haired breeds get professionally groomed every 4 to 6 weeks.

“It isn’t just to keep their coats healthy and clean, but we go over their entire bodies to check for anything that may indicate a health problem,” she said.

Besides basic grooming, Brandi’s offers full spa services for dogs, such as mud baths and blueberry facials using all-natural grooming products and hair color on dogs.

“We treat (the dogs) like our own,” said Carter. “This is my passion, it’s my baby.”

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