The City Council’s approval last week of some Oct. 12 street closures will pave the way for Copperas Cove’s first Zombie Walk and Fall Festival.

Zombie walks are popular gatherings in larger cities, but some smaller towns also have some success with them, said Liz Sherman, Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce vice president.

The chamber is helping facilitate the festival with We Deliver-Copperas Cove, which is now being assisted by other Cove businesses.

“We wanted to have some type of festival and zombie seems to be very popular right now,” said Tanya Balderrama, owner of We Deliver-Copperas Cove. “We wanted to have a little horde of (zombie) population, and we do intend it to be an exciting and fun event.”

According to the requested road closures, the zombie walk will allow residents to drag themselves from the Cove Terrace parking lot to downtown where an all-day festival is planned.

“Usually, we start our runs and walks in one place and end them in the same place,” Sherman said. “But there is no rush to get from the start to the finish. They can lurch slowly towards the downtown area.”

Allowing everyone’s warm body to decay near the downtown area is an aspect of the walk that will help promote local businesses, organizers said.

“We wanted to create an event that brings everyone back downtown and let them know that there are still businesses there and bring everyone together,” Balderrama said. “They will infiltrate the downtown area where all the festivities will be begin.”

Once downtown, zombies can partake of an array of food and arts and craft vendors, live music, a costume contest, thriller flash mobs and children’s activities.

Residents shouldn’t let a lack of costuming get in their way. Fries Etc., which just opened in the Cove Terrace Shopping Center, agreed to help with makeup starting at 6 a.m. before the 8 a.m. walk starts.

“We have a big population that enjoys zombies,” Balderrama said. “Hopefully, this brings out a totally different type of community and a different group to participate in community events.”

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