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Copperas Cove police Sgt. Lester Nace, right, was among the members of Class 69 of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas to graduate in August.

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A Copperas Cove police sergeant graduated from Leadership Command College last month.

Sgt. Lester Nace was among the members of Class 69 of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas to graduate in August.

The program, which is taught through several Texas universities, provides law enforcement administrators and executives with the skills necessary to effectively manage police agencies and deliver a higher level of service to their communities.

To graduate, Nace participated in three portions of the class held at three universities.

The first module focused on leadership and was taught at the Center for Executive Development at Texas A&M University in College Station. The second portion of the class was held at Texas Woman’s University and focused on the political, legal, and social environment of law enforcement.

The program concluded Aug. 16 with training in law enforcement administration at Sam Houston State University.

Each portion of the training was three weeks long and taught by top national and international law enforcement experts. Topics included leadership, professional ethics and integrity, communication, and personnel management issues. The Command College curriculum also strives to keep participants on top of contemporary issues in criminal justice.

This program is one of many offered by the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas, headquartered at Sam Houston State University. The institute has trained law enforcement managers and executives since 1987. It offers numerous seminars, training for police chiefs, and the leadership program, which is one of the premiere law enforcement academies in the nation.

No tax monies are necessary to support the program, which is funded by a surcharge on criminal court costs. Between one and two thousand Texas law enforcement personnel benefit from the training each year.

Nace is the fourth Copperas Cove Police Department officer to graduate from the program.

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